What if you could own the virtual world? Create, develop and trade without limits making genuine connections and earn real money!

Well, that sounds fun right!? A VIRTUAL world where no one can limit what you build and that stuff could be monetized!



A fully immersive platform powered by ETHERIUM BLOCKCHAIN.

Buy land! Design your experience and transform the way people see the world. Purchase the first ever real estate in a VIRTUAL world.  Go to a casino, watch live music, attend a workshop, shop with friends, start a business, test drive a car, visit an underwater resort, and much, much more—all within a 360-degree, virtual world.

A VR headset or a web browser is all you need to enter Decentraland.

Here is a quick look at an unclaimed land in DECENTRALAND…


This video was recorded on CHROME browser.

Try it here : https://decentraland.org/app/

The mechanics and controls are pretty basic since it’s made in UNITY. The Graphics might put you off but it is just an unclaimed land where you can build whatever you want. Make your own assets and monetize them or buy from someone else! YOUR IMAGINATION IS THE LIMIT here!




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