Google Home Mini

Google home mini : home automation device

Google announced it’s new home assistant called the Google home mini and a high end model Google home max. Google Home mini being the cheapest in the lot around $49 hence it is the most affordable speaker. It does something which Bluetooth speaker just can’t do. It comes equipped with Google Assistant, which is always ready to help you find answers, turn on the tunes, dim the lights, start a TV show and more by just using your voice.



Design and build quality

Google home mini looks similar to a charging dock , with a wire mesh around which give it a premium feel and texture. Furthermore the soft matte plastic back is easy to hold and hence it fits nicely in palm. Whenever a command is given four led’s get lit up to respond and to register your actions. The home mini features a micro USB port on it’s rear for power. A microphone switch that enables you to turn off active listening, making this a speaker that you’ll have to tap to interact with. At the bottom a padding of circular rubber is applied so as to help you to keep it anywhere possible. It comes in three colors Coral peach, chalk grey, charcoal black.





source:Droid life

It is the most affordable Google Assistant enabled speaker available in the market. it’s voice recognition is pretty accurate it’s range allowing it to be around 10 feet. You can use it to take control of any device. Google home mini can place a call to your friends. Pitch your favorite music from YouTube, Spotify, Pandora and from many other third party sources. Chrome cast users will also be able to connect to it hassle free. The speaker quality is nothing to boast about. It’s loud enough, can get the job done , but for bass lovers it’s a bummer. It will get some updates in the future. Therefore for the price tag of $49 it’s in direct competition with the Amazon’s Echo Dot. The Google home mini will probably be made available from 19th October. Google said that it is just the starting of automation of homes.


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