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How to play Mages – Mobile Legends 2018 Mage Guide



The role of a Mage in a MOBA game is one of the most important roles as mages have the highest crowd control and burst magic damage. Being a mage requires patience and good positioning as mages are extremely squishy at any given time (early/mid/late) in game. Mage not only has the job of dealing heavy burst damage but to also support Fighters and Tanks early game as they lack damage at start.

There are 3 things you will need to follow to survive in the game while playing mage :

Map awareness
Enemy items

Further explaining the points mentioned above,


POSITION – behind tank

Mages deal heavy burst damage throughout the game but are extremely squishy so the best way is to hide behind a Tank/Fighter. Always let the tank take the damage instead of you and position yourself in a way that you can easily cast skills and damage the enemy and dominate the lane.

Map Awareness

Keep an eye on the Map

As being extremely squishy mages are free/easy kills for enemy assassins as mages lack mobility so if you learn positioning well combine it with map awareness to avoid getting ganked by enemy assassins and fighters.

Enemy Items

Check enemy items to counter

Weird point? No believe me, while playing mages always keep eye on enemy items especially fighters, supports and tanks as items provide a way to counter enemies. For example, you can reduce enemy’s life steal or healing from supports or increase penetration to melt beefy tanks.

Mages are fun to play as you can deal tons of damage without going to the front lines. MLBB provides a wide variety of mages with mechanism which are absolutely fun to play. As of September 2018 there are 18 mages namely: Lunox, Selena, Chang’e, Valir, Pharsa, Zhask, Odette, Vexena, Aurora, Cyclops, Kagura, Gord, Eudora, Nana, Alice, Harley, Karina, and Gusion.

Top picks

  • Vexana
    Vexena is a mage whose specialty is Poke and Crowd Control (CC).
    Her abilities are high damaging and cause CC effects on multiple enemy heroes
    making her one of the top picked heroes in Epic rank and above.
  • Harley
    Harley specializes in dealing heavy damage and is best for Poking.
    He is a mage who has a blink ability allowing him to play aggressively.
    He is not the best pick for ganking but is more effective when soloing or partnering with an aggressive fighter or assassin.
  • Kagura
    Ever thought of perfect mage who can CC enemies has crazy burst damage and is gank proof then kagura is the one who has all the required skills. Kagura is one of the mages with highest difficulty and complicated mechanics. Kagura is one of the top picked heroes in legend and above ranks.
  • Alice
    Alice is a mage who has the most AoE skills with decent Burst, CC and Blink.
    Having complicated mechanics and difficult play style Alice is mostly seen in Mythic rank.
  • Cyclops
    Cyclops is a mage with high amount of Damage and Poke. He does stupidly crazy burst damage mid game but is highly vulnerable. He lacks long range except for his ultimate which is a nightmare in 1 v 1 situations.

Best for Beginners

As for starting games with mages, in early ranks I’ll suggest playing these mages as they have good damage and decent mechanics which are easy to learn.

  • Eudora
    Eudora is perfect for beginners as she has easy mechanics and top notch damage which can easily kill assassins, marksman.
    Recommended Emblem: Magic Emblem with Magic Power Surge talent or Mage emblem with Magic Worship
    Recommended item set: Arcane Boots, Enchanted Talisman, Lightning Truncheon, Divine Glaive, Winter Truncheon, and Blood Wings
  • Aurora
    Aurora is a mage who can deal heavy burst damage and is skill shot based but being AoE they usually hit so not to worry if you are completely new to MOBA.
    Recommended Emblem: Magic Emblem with Magic Power Surge talent or Mage emblem with Impure Rage
    Recommended Items: Demon Shoes, Holy Crystal, Ice Queen Wand, Divine Glaive, Fleeting Time, Blood Wings
  • Cyclops
    Yes Cyclops is also good for newbies as he has easy mechanics and decent damage and requires no skill shots.
    Recommended Emblem: Mage emblem with Golden Touch
    Recommended Items: Rapid Boots, Enchanted Talisman, Concentrated Energy, Glowing Wand, Divine Glaive, Lightning Truncheon

Top Banned

  • Selena
    Selena is by far the most feared and banned Mage/Assassin in MLBB because of her Broken abilities and an out of the world stun which has straight 3 second duration. Getting hit by Selena’s abilities mark heroes with Abyssal Marks which deal crazy damage making it the main reason for her ban.
  • Vexana
    Vexana is mostly banned because of her CC and Her ultimate ability (Cursed Oath) which gives her a 12 seconds puppet of the enemy she marked which deals 70% of the hero’s damage and is Tanky.
  • Gusion
    Gusion is not a pure mage, but is both Mage and Assassin giving him high mobility and high magic damage which melts squishy as well as beefy enemies. Though gusion is not banned much in Mythic ranks as he is countered but is banned in Low tiers.

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Top 3 Mobile Legends Tanks 2018




Being a tank in any MOBA game comes with great responsibility. Not only are you required to be skilled and fearless but be able to team fight, initiate and take damage for the team. Tanking can seem to be boring but believe me, it’s not. It feels godly to see enemy heroes pass by and not dare attack you alone. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang provides a wide range of tanks to choose from and all are way too different and fun to play.

As of January 2018, there are 11 tanks in total namely: Akai, Hilda, Hylos, Tigreal, Balmond, Johnson, Grock, Gatotkaca, Lolita, Minataur, and Franco.

In this list, I will be ranking them focusing on their usability in top-tier Ranked Matches. They are all fun to play nonetheless.


All the attributes are of base level



If you have a good understanding of his barrier ability, Grock can do wonders in a team-fight. His gigantic size which he can increase more is enough to keep the enemy at bay. Grock doesn’t necessarily requires assistance and can do well alone too. His passive near turrets increases movement speed as well as HP useful for tower diving. His ultimate, Wild charge combined with other abilities and heroes with perfect placement of barrier is enough to wipe out the whole enemy team in team-fight.

Base HP: 2819

Mana: 430

Movement Speed: 260

Physical ATK: 135




He is a powerful tank specializing in crowd control and engage. His Ultimate deals massive damage stunning every enemy hero caught in it and also looks cool AF! First ability slowing the enemy down followed by ability Unbreakable concentrating enemy basic attacks to himself followed by Avatar Of Guardian (Ultimate) with a few good teammates is enough for enemy wipe-out. The only problem with this hero is that he is tough to master otherwise he does have MUSCLE OF IRON…BONES OF STEEL!!!

Base HP: 2709

Mana: 440

Movement Speed: 260

Physical ATK: 120




Hylos without a doubt is the most tankiest tank in the game making him the best tank. If accompanied by any of Assassin, Fighter or Marksman, sweeping lanes with enemy heroes is no big deal. He is the best at tower diving using his Glorious Pathway (Ultimate) which adds on HP as he charges forward destroying both, enemies as well as turret. Now think how devastating he would be without enemy turret! Again you need good teammates which is easy to find in top tiers of ranked matches.

With perfect build and skills, he is almost immortal able to withstand maximum damage compared to all other MLBB heroes.

Base HP: 3309

Mana: 430

Movement Speed: 260

Physical ATK: 105



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How much Virtual Reality has progressed



Its almost 2018 and most of the tech fans have already experienced VR at least once. VR is rather an expensive technology but with the help of smart phones and cheap VR boxes anyone can experience a glimpse of it.  Yes, only a glimpse of it because VR has gone way beyond our expectations.

VR was limited to visual experience only quite a few years ago, still able to give jaw dropping experience making people go giddy and stuff.  But with the advancement in technology, several industries have tried to wrap their heads around to figure out how to utilize VR to achieve brand objectives.






VR GAMING : Car racing gives the most immersive experience  out of all the genres with the motion simulators it has got to back it up. Project Cars (I-II), Asetto Corsa are two of the many games successful at giving intense, noisy and dizzying experience.



DESIGNING : Good news for artists! Imagine waving your hand in the air resulting in formation of 3D doodles, letters, models and whatnot! Tilt Brush is an app by GOOGLE designed for artists with creative capabilities. Talented artists can create 3D floating images, models in mid-air giving you a futuristic feel. WELL, THE FUTURE IS NOW!



SPT : Space Pirate Trainer, yet another game in the list. Simple yet most requested. A first person shooter for both, newbies and veterans. The game and its mechanics can keep you hooked for hours!



SWITCHING GENDER : Ever wondered how it feels to be a boy being a girl or vice versa? We know you did. Well it will be possible in a few months. The idea is great and is under development by BeAnotherLab. One of their features- SWAP GENDER, specifically comes from Oculus Rift.




BEYOND ENTERTAINMENT : VR is not all about entertainment only. In many countries, militaries are using VR technology with specific motion simulators for training purposes. This reduces the expenditure of money and fuel required for real accessories.



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