Why Kindle is the best for your eyes.

People have a wrong mentality when it comes to kindle.The biggest myth is that it affects your eyesight, well it is actually the other way round, its the best this for your eyes. let me tell you why.

amazon kindle uses something called E-ink display.  as the name suggests, yes kindle actually uses ink for display .this ink just arranges its self where the pixels are and what you see is just ink.

So how is E-ink implemented?

When laminated to a plastic film, and then adhered to electronics, it creates an Electronic Paper Display (EPD). Although advancing it may sound, electronic ink is actually a simple and straight fusion of chemistry, physics, and electronics. It’s so just like paper and utilizes the same pigments used in the printing industry today.

how it works explained.


 What really causes eye strain is the brightness produced by the pixels in the LED screens, well with the  E-ink technology the device has no manual control for brightness as it adapts itself to the current environmental lighting just like a paper and just like a paper you can not read a Kindle in a dark room.   having said all this we now understand its just like a paper and ink, so can a paper be bad for eyes? absolutely no! with the Kindle you can now read for hours and your eyes will be strain free.

My personal experience, 

I have an amazon kindle paperwhite(5th gen) and it’s simply wonderful, at first it will be a bit difficult to understand it but soon you’ll get used to it and then in no time you’ll be addicted to it. amazing battery life,  well-built quality, no distractions as in kindle you can only read books. quick access to goodreads.com, meanings of  difficult words will be just at the top of it in small letters, so no need to click on a word and wait for its meaning to pop up, the best benefit of Kindle is: it is a one time investment as books available on Kindle are very cheap in comparison to hardcopy, also you save paper which is beneficial for environment, so  no need to carry many books around with you if you have kindle, multiple books can be read at a time by using book mark, there is also a hightlight feature which will let you hightlight a line or a paragraph and it will be saved separetly for your later need. these small yet excellent features make kindle very special and worth the money. So if you are a bookworm its time you become a kindleworm.


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