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Road Redemption an upgrade of Road Rash




Road Redemption an upgrade of Road Rash.

Road Rash was one of the most played game of the the 90’s. Road Redemption the successor of the Road Rash has been released . Before there was GTA, Need for Speed , Modern Combat, Call of Duty, the game that dominated the market in the 90’s  was Road Rash and now it has got an upgrade. Many believe that it is a successor to Road Rash but ,the original Road Rash was developed by Electronic Arts but the successor of it is developed by Pixel Dash Studios and EQ games. The basic game-play and low requirements made it the most played games of the 90’s.

Road Redemption brings the bike racing to a whole new level, where players have to fight for their survival and victory by using weapons, chains, clubs etc. They have also introduced a lot of new race tracks to play upon, the game basically involved a bike racing game in which the player has to cross the finish line first and do whatever it takes to win. It has got top notch graphics but the basic game plan still remains the same, it has got some major upgrades such as expandable skill tree, where the player has to fight his or her way to the top and earn in game rewards, which can be used to upgrade the bikes, weapons, skills which the player has chosen. A deep motorcycle fighting system with grabs , kicks , counters, critical strikes and many more.

The trailer of Road Redemption has  set the internet on fire when the trailer was first released.

Road Redemption game got a new single player campaign with up to  4 player co-op campaign,it seems that the game will get access to some new maneuvers as well,few background themes do remind us about the movie mad max.

Once you start playing you will be glued to it like before, reliving your childhood memories!

Road Redemption comes out on October 4 2017, for Microsoft Windows PC , Wii U, Linux and OS x , gamers who wants to play it on their console will have to wait for the next year.

Visit their official website :

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Top 5 Mobile Legends Fighters November 2018



Top 5 Fighters - MLBB

Fighter is the most offensive role in Mobile Legends and one of the best roles in MOBA as enemies think twice before engaging!

Fighters specialize in melee attacks with decent early game damage and sustain too. And late game? They are monsters! There is no way any other class hero can 1 vs 1 a fighter, not even the insanely damaging Marksmen. Fighters can also initiate a fight and get in on a group of enemy heroes and be disruptive enough to allow his allies to get in and start dealing damage safely.

Mobile Legends has a wide variety of fighters (total 18 – Nov 2018) with unique capabilities. Some focus on crowd control, others may go semi-tank build while some focus on pure damage.

This list will be covering Top 5 fighters which are the most beneficial in a team-fight and not just strong in 1 vs 1 situation. I’m not going to explain skills in detail as you can read them in game itself.

5. RUBY : Ruby is the only fighter that made it to the top 10 heroes list this month officially on

Ruby players usually build tank items for higher sustain and focus on crowd controlling enemies. She is the CC queen of MLBB and yes, she can catch a flying fanny 🙂

4. ROGER : Roger still maintains a spot in top 10 popular heroes

Pick Roger when enemy lacks crowd control as he is one of the best mid-late game fighter. His Lycan Pounce can make him immune to stuns and damage multiple enemies in a team-fight. Ignore him and the wolf will definitely wipe out the entire team!

3. CHOU : He protec.. he attac.. but most importantly he throws enemy out in the front lines from his comfort zone

Chou can be the most annoying hero to face in your lane. He can easily defend a lane solo and is gank proof. And his ultimate can pin point the damage dealer with ease.

2. MARTIS : The immune and CC king of Mobile Legends

Martis’ mortal coil (2nd skill) makes him immune to all CC and stuns present in the game. His CC has more priority than anyone else’. He simply dances in a team-fight and also can catch a flying fanny.

1. LEOMORD : The dead knight in shining armor

You certainly do not want a dead wild horse running over you in a team-fight. Leomord is a perfect hero with both amazing damage and amazing CC. Fighting him with low HP is a bad idea as he deals 100% critical damage to enemies with <30% HP. Leomord calls in Barbiel, his partner horse knocking back all enemies in its way. Leomord can mount Barbiel when in contact and charge into enemy with CC and continuous damage while moving and stomping over enemies like they’re nothing. He also has a poke ability using which he can easily solo a lane. Leomord is surely over powered but going to be nerfed soon (Ultimate CD). That won’t make him less dangerous though in a team-fight.

Leomord also holds the highest KDA this month just after Kimmy. Forget Kimmy…she’s broken 🙂

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Top 5 Rank Heroes – MLBB



Top 5 Rank Heroes - MLBB


Hate when your favorite hero gets banned or picked up by enemy team?
Well..not any more! With back to back releases of heroes and buffs/nerfs for older heroes has now made it possible
for you to use your favorite hero for certain in every rank match.

With so many new and buffed heroes around, its now more likely to get your desired heroes even in the higher ranks. The following
list covers the heroes that once were definite bans but now are free to use. By free I mean they are not likely to get banned like before.

Best Heroes Available for Ranked Matches 2018-19

  • 5. Kagura
Few months back Kagura was a definite ban

4. Akai

During the 2 banning system Akai ban rate was high too

3. Martis

Known for crowd control and immunity is now not banned any more
  • 2. Gusion

    His nerf in 2nd dash of ultimate has made him a less pick but the burst damage remains

  • 1. Lancelot

    Lance is not banned much as before due to less life steal but again the burst damage and dashes make him if not the best then at least in the top 3 assassins

Moonton likes to keep newer heroes strong so with the release of a few more heroes, I’m pretty sure Vexana, Haya will be more free to pick.

What I noticed was with increase in rank, hero banning opinions change. Epic ranked players mostly ban strong easy to play heroes
like Johnson, Lesley (high burst damage), Vexana etc while Mythic ranked players mostly ban Selena, Saber, Hayabusa, Minotaur, Helcurt.
The difference is in the skill levels as in the higher ranks almost every player can play all class heroes and generally don’t focus
on getting their favorites. They take what’s most important for the team keeping in mind what others have chosen.

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