Samsung galaxy note 20, note 20 plus exciting leaks

Samsung is going to surprise us with its flagship lineup Samsung galaxy note 20, but before that, the rumor market has started heating up. So, we are here before you to get you only the reliable leaks and filter out the chaff.

With the launch of Samsung galaxy s 20, Samsung revamped its naming convention, coming up with S 20, s 20 plus, and s 20 ultra. Very likely Samsung is going to continue this trend, so we will be seeing Samsung note 20, note 20 plus.
What Samsung is not gonna continue is its ultra model.

Reliable sources suggest that Samsung will not be coming with its ultra model this time. Young ross the CEO of display chain consultant unveiled in a recent tweet that Samsung is going to discontinue its ultra model this time. Most probably due to concern of eye-watering price tags. Though the ultra model was becoming the first choice of die-hard fans of Samsung, for the rest of the users who wanted to enjoy flagship phones, the price was a great concern.

Punch hole cameras have been annoying for some users, but the thing to understand is that this is the best solution until under-display hidden camera technology develops. And that will be truly amazing at least for me.

But for now, status indicator around the punch hole is what Samsung gonna serve us. Last year Samsung filed five patents with china’s national intellectual property administration. The idea was to present a graphical representation around the selfie camera that can tell us something.

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It can be used to show the download status or show a timer. It is upon their creativity, what they can come up with.

Taking about the most loved gone feature is the headphone jack. Personally I would love if Samsung, again comes with headphone Jack, but unfortunately, this is not gonna happen. I can see two reasons for this. One, removing headphone jack will make room for other upgraded components and two, this will promote buying of their wireless earphones.

In a recent interview with greggles tv, young ross unveiled some accurate information regarding note 20 s display, processor, battery, and ram.

Ross said that the Galaxy Note 20 will have a display size of 6.42 inches and that the Note 20 Plus will have a 6.87-inch screen. By comparison to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, Note 20 version has a 0.17-inch larger panel. Young further stated that Note 20 and Note 20 Plus will both get an optional 120Hz refresh rate display.

Young suggested that the Galaxy Note 20 could use Qualcomm’s second-generation Sonic Max fingerprint scanner. The 3D sensor is not only 17 times larger, but it can also read two fingerprints simultaneously.

Speaking of Qualcomm, Young also reiterated how the US version of the Galaxy Note 20 will have the Snapdragon 865 – Qualcomm’s flagship system-on-a-chip – while other models in Europe will use Samsung’s own Exynos 990 chip.

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When it comes to battery size, Young said that the Galaxy Note 20 phones will be pretty similar to the Galaxy S20 handsets, with batteries ranging between 4,000mAh and 5,000mAh.

Alongside the chip, Samsung will reportedly give both the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Plus 16GB of RAM. The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus had 8GB and 12GB of RAM, respectively. To me, this upgrade seems exciting

We also made some awesome renders of a rollable phone, the video is one of its kind on youtube, so make sure you watch this video too.

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