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Saregama Carvaan – The Perfect Gift For Music Lovers



saregama carvaan

Carvaan is a Bluetooth-speaker by the renowned music brand Saregama. But there is much more to it. The speaker comes with many interesting built-in features, one ofthem to cater every music fan is that it has around 5,000 pre-loaded classic Hindi songs, which you can listen to anytime you want to, without any internet connection.

Features and design:One of the striking features is definitely how more or less it resembles to classic portable radio.

In terms of specifications, I found it quite a user-friendly device. Weighing 1.5 kg, The Carvaan supports USB playback, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and then there’s a Saregama mode which lets you play the pre-recorded collection.

In terms of its designs, it reminded me of my mother’s favourite radio that was from 70s. Besides, the portable radio design, it has two metal buttons on the front that let you switch between the stored songs with a tuning knob.

Carvaan comes with a black band, which would remind you of a space that was used to enlist frequency details of a radio but here it has been utilised as a simple LCD display. There’s a metal and plastic handle that can be turned out of sight, and on the left, you have four buttons, for the different sources – Saregama, USB, FM, and Bluetooth.

On the right, it has volume dial, and below that a 3.5mm port to connect your headphones.

On top it has a power button, and a small battery indicator light. At the back, it has a USB port (for playing music), Micro-USB (for charging), and a reset button.

How does it work?

Modes: Starting from Geetmala, that will let you travel back to the times of Hindi classics, specifically from 1952 to 1979, it has many genres that you can listen to depending upon your mood.

Carvaan also has an artist button that lets you enjoy the era from Kishore Kumar to Jagjit Singh among many others.

There are almost a thousand songs by Lata Mangeshkar alone, around 500 songs each by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosale, roughly 700 beautiful numbers by my favourite, Mohd Rafi and over 200 by Mukesh, besides Hemant Kumar, Geeta Dutt, Manna Dey and Talat Mahmood.

However, the organisation of the songs is a little confusing. You hear the songs in a different sequence each time you play the device.

Carvaan definitely caters the need of old Hindi song lovers but to those who would love to hear contemporary singers it offers FM mode that would set the frequency of any available local FM channel. Users can set manually the station of their choice also.

But if you are done going down the nostalgic lane and want to listen music of your own choice then you can use Bluetooth or your USB drives to listen to your favourite track.

Carvaan- an apt party speaker?Well, it depends. The focus clearly is on the target audience that are dedicated to the evergreen Hindi hits. Those songs were known for their clear vocals. But if you want to listen to the latest songs, then you might have complaints about the sound quality, which does not match up to the high-end speakers available in the market.

Performance and Battery life:After using it for two good weeks, I realised for a device like this, the battery life will leave you wanting for more.

Audio quality, as mentioned above is decent enough. The old songs and radio commentary is quite clear. The speakers’ volume is loud enough to listen to it in open spaces like parks or on one of your Sunday’s picnic.

The absence of an aux-in cable, however, was a little inconvenient.

Saregama carvan colors


Priced at Rs 5,999, the device is great if you would want to get going in the classic 80s era or the time before that. The Bluetooth speaker is not one of its best features but performs fair enough.

The 5,000 pre-loaded songs are surely a nostalgic treat to ears. However, finding a specific song is next to an impossible task.

But overall, Saregama Carvaan would be a perfect gift for your parents and elders at home as it would surely trigger their best musical memories. Click Here To Buy Now


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Hollywood vs Anime




I have seen Hollywood stuff my entire life and its been three years since I got into watching Anime. I am a fan of both, but I’m going to take a side and write this post.

I prefer 2D animated characters more than actors or anything in real life. The reason for this is because I am a big fan of art. I love to see beautiful visuals, animation and I think this is what makes anime so special.


In Anime, you can show complicated action scenes and science fiction easily as compared to Hollywood.

Hollywood has science fiction but just compare them with Anime, you will find story, scenes, dialogues much more interesting. Talking about stories Anime presents and the concept they show is really different from any of those Hollywood movies.

Even the superheroes are way more different and their perception, sense of judgement and dialogues, all are different than those usual boring ones. Lately we’ve been buried in sequels of sequels to the point where it seems as if Hollywood doesn’t have original ideas anymore. Too many Marvel, DC movies alone. I like them but don’t they have anything better to offer? Just mixing up their movies and creating the same old content to earn money worldwide. Look at how many times Batman has been rebooted. Most Anime never sees a reboot unless they have something better than the old content. Take Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood and Hellsing Ultimate for example.

Anime series too end after a certain number of episodes, even if the number happens to be in 500s. When the story ends, it ends.



Hollywood may be tapping into comic books for stories, but American comic books lacks the diversity Manga enjoys. Anime is mostly derived from Manga, its comic book counterpart. Both Anime and Manga have a huge following in US, Europe and Asian countries and have influenced mainstream comic book artists in DC & Marvel. Not to mention that Manga is much more detailed than any comic book.

A page from BERSERK Manga

A page from Comic



Hollywood does have legendary movies like Inception, Interstellar, Shawshank Redemption, Matrix etc but all these movies have better and beautiful counterparts in the Anime world. Christopher Nolan drew his inspiration from a surreal anime called Paprika for Inception.

There is one thing though. What I’ve observed is that Anime doesn’t tap onto Hollywood for any content or inspiration. Even if an Anime adapts a Hollywood movie with an interesting plot, it will be great to watch. Take Resident Evil for example, though its inspired from video games but compare Anime version with Hollywood ones. The animated versions are so much better. This is because live action has limitations that only CGI can get around. Animation on the other hand, doesn’t have any real world limitations. You can draw and animate anything you want.

If Hollywood tries to adapt an Anime, no matter how epic the plot is, it can turn out to be pretty bad. Dragon Ball Evolution, The Last Airbender, Netflix’s Death Note, Ghost in the Shell are some examples. The supernatural fight scenes don’t look as good in a Hollywood movie as in an Anime, that’s where Anime has the upper hand, THE VISUALS!



Sadly, most of the audiences still equate animation with children or with comedy. In my opinion Anime is at par with Hollywood in every genre. Try watching SEINEN anime to know how deep Anime can really be (for mature audience only).

If you think nothing can make you laugh as much as FRIENDS, give a shot to GINTAMA.

Watch CLANNAD or GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES to know how much emotionally broken a person can be. To be honest, my dad shifted my PC to the last room just because I used to cry like a little girl watching these shows.

Watch YOUR NAME (KIMI NO NA WA) if you are into love stories or slight romance genre. It is a Masterpiece!

Support what you like. I have seen both, horrible Anime and horrible live action movies. Best way to change this trend is to vote with our wallets. Tired of watching same superhero movies, stop going to see them in theaters. Tired of watching same high school Anime, stop buying their DVDs.

Use your money wisely and spend only on the ones which deserve your attention.




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Fifty shades freed perfect movie for Valentines day 2018



fifty shades freed

Fifty shades freed perfect movies for Valentines day 2018

The trailer of the third trilogy of the the fifty shades was out on Monday, named fifty shades freed. The trailer seemed to glamorize sexual violence , that is subtle, the two minute trailer of the fifty shades freed film has got what was expected correlating it’s predecessor, sexual violence, love hate type of drama. Some good fights , hatred , loose chemistry between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. A new hot architect jamming eyes on Christian .
The unwelcoming return of Ana’s former boss Jack Hyde was a bit of surprise, not for those who already read the book and know what’s coming. The couple is happily married but that doesn’t mean that they will live happily ever after.

why a perfect movie for valentines day

It seems that the final installment will offer same exciting offers. According to trailer Christian surprises Ana with a luxurious weekend getaway and a gorgeous new home and we also glimpse many sexy shots of them together in their playroom and shower .
If sex scenes and presents aren’t your type , don’t worry it has got all the awesome actions and fighting scenes, the trailer hints Ana being kidnapped by her former boss Jack Hyde and Christian coming to the rescue. Seems like the danger is getting ganged up. As a result for a movie so much appealing for you to fall in love, it’s the best movie you can watch during valentines day. So don’t miss the climax.
The movie will be released during the Valentine’s day , February 9 2018, so if you would like to kick start your day ,do check this out.
Warning: this movie is not safe for work.

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