The Rollable phone is the future, Forget foldable phones

TCL amazed everyone with its rollable phone concept. When foldable phones are still developing, this concept has put its firm foot in the market.

Be it rollable or foldable phone, the basic idea is to enjoy a big screen without the pain of carrying such a big screen around.

In foldable phones, the device is unfolded from half to reveal the full screen bigger than the original. Such phones are now available in the market and you can buy it. Some of them are, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Motorola Razr, Royole FlexPai, and Huawei Mate X.

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But this phone is entirely different from what is currently present in the market, This device looks normal like any other phone, unlike other foldable equivalents. When pulled from the side the extra rolled screen makes extra screen available. Hence a phone of the size of any other phone can transform into a tablet, that’s why we called it amazing. The phone uses a motor to expand the chassis and roll out the display.

According to TCL, this phone will not be able to make it to the market soon, but they are working on it to make it perfect.

They also presented a concept of tri-fold display, which feels like a compressed Z structure.

We made some awesome animation showing the working of this phone. It is only one of its kind on all youtube. So go and watch this video, if you want to understand the working of this phone.

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