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Top 5 Things You Should Know About Online Privacy



Privacy is something which is always precious and vulnerable topic for everyone, comparing the current growth in technology use of online mode has been increased in exponential rate. You can say as online shopping, marketing, investments or other daily activities. But ever occurred to you why and what is online privacy?

If you think having a phone with a password or using any app locks application can protect your device then you are wrong. Here are a few interesting points which you should know about online privacy and apply while you are online which is every time because you get offline not your data, it is online every time.

1. Make sure you are on a secure page


For visiting any site you require the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the site. URL is the web address which is the source of the location of a particular site. The question arises how can I check or know whether the link is safe or not?

Any URL link you visit has a prefix “http://www. ” where http stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol basically it is a link between you and the server but how or why this matters. The answer is many online fraud has been done by creating a fake page which just pops up on your screen and unintentionally you put your data thinking it’s the original site and you think it’s a secure but all your data is transferred to the person who created that temporary page and that person get to know all your private details.

Thus, the solution is whenever you visit any site look for “https://www “here https stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. This means that the site already has been verified and is secure and safe to access.

2.Clear your browsing history

online privacy

You might be wondering how browsing history is related to my privacy security but ever wondered how ads pop up and if you haven’t then observed that those ads are always related to something which you just recently searched. This means those ads were generated by collecting the data of your cookies. Thus to avoid unwanted pop up of ads it’s always wise to clear your history so that ads generation will be reduced, use software which clear the cookies and cache memory many apps are also available which does the same work. Else you might get caught in some fraud ads which ask for your data and you might end up in some problem.

3. Never Ever Use Free Wi-Fi

wifi privacy

The Internet is something which we need every time but that doesn’t mean to be careless and to put your private information on risk. The most common threat which people face using public free Wi-Fi is Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack in which the hacker attacks to eavesdrop on your data and later the data is transferred from your device to site without your knowledge. The best way to avoid this threat is to not use public Wi-Fi or use VPN instead which is a virtual private network and it encrypts your information and then passes into or out your device while using public Wi-Fi. It is safe to use VPN but it’s important that one should know how to use it or the matter of fact that things like this even exist.

4. Give alternate Email ID while Registration

alternate Email ID

If you are just testing some software/application or visiting any site for information never give your personal or professional Email ID it would be more safe and wise to give an alternate Email ID because by sharing the Email ID you share your data and it would be better to use a fake name while registration and always try to keep your identities separate. Since it is talked about registration always use Two Step Verification to improve your security level and to secure your privacy. Two Step Verification facilities are available in Gmail, Facebook, and all the other social media apps, so use it to be safe from intruders.

You can also use disposable email address for temporary use. Here are some of the websites that provide these services

5.Custom browser over private browsers

Every browser has a private browser (In layman’s language incognito mode) but is it safe? Does it really helps or to hide things?

Opinon Johanson Internet issue


The answer is no, incognito only hides the browser history, cache memory, and cookies but it hides from your phone, not from the Server or the Internet provider it just deletes internet tracking records and basically all it does it to prevent others who use same device or system to know what has been searched. So if you were thinking using incognito is safe and can’t be getting tracked or fooled then it’s your myth. The solution is simple in general people are aware of very few browsers mainly Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera etc. Instead, you can use some Custom Browsers which really helps and is better for privacy, try Epic Privacy Browser, Comodo Dragon, T.O.R. (The Onion Router) or Comodo IceDragon.

These are some list of things you need to take care of while you are online because privacy is something which is private to everyone.

Hope this helps you.



1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ganesh Bhawar

    18th October 2018 at 6:20 pm

    Can you please explain more about VPN. I would love to know how that works and I can use it.

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WhatsApp Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode For Android User’s




WhatsApp has finally added Picture-in-Picture (PiP) with its latest update version 2.18.380 for all android user’s. This was one of the most awaited update which most of the android user’s were waiting. However this feature was available for iOS devices long time a year back. Here we are going to discuss few things about PiP and some more updates which WhatsApp is going to launch soon.


Source: Android Authority
  • PiP allows user’s to view any third party video within WhatsApp without redirecting to that link.
  • The video appears in the chat box and cover some upper half portion of display screen and shows the video.
  • The video can be maximize and minimize accordingly and by clicking again you can visit the site too.
  •  Videos shared from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter can now be watched without leaving your chat box.
  • You can text and watch the video at the same time.
  • To avail this feature make sure to update the latest version of WhatsApp

These were some short listed points which explains the PiP. However there are few more interesting updates details which WhatsApp will try to bring in next update soon. 

  • WhatsApp is trying Night mode which is available on YouTube and Twitter.
  • WhatsApp Video Playback directly from notification panel
  • Share contact via QR code Feature
  • Improvising WhatsApp Group call and Video call

WhatsApp is trying to introduce Night mode which is also available in YouTube and Twitter which will make user’s more comfortable for using WhatsApp at Night. More over we need such update. Further more the new updates which we are expecting soon will improve the Group video calling feature, probably the new feature will be able to make group calls by adding more numbers of people’s. Even more voice calling and some other small improvements are expected. Also, WhatsApp is testing Share Contacts by generating QR Code by sharing this code contacts can be added easily by scanning it in another devices, this will be the same feature which is available on Instagram. Last but not the least the video playback feature by which we can see video in notification panel itself. This all seems bit interesting these were are some updates which we are expecting soon from WhatsApp. 


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Top 10 Applications You Must Have In Your Phone



Top 10 Applications You Must Try Before 2018 Ends


There are millions of applications available on Google Play Store and App Store (IOS). It is very tedious job to find the perfect application according to your own need. That’s why we are here to help you out and select the perfect application. However all these applications have been used by us and after perfect satisfaction, we are recommending these applications to you.

1. Launcher – Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Source: Microsoft Launcher- Play store

This is a pretty good launcher as it has wide range of options for personalizing your own phone. There are lots of wallpapers , Theme colors , Icons packs and many more to match up a perfect style of your own taste. With a Microsoft account you can access this application and all the other features of this launcher.Besides you can connect your phone to PC, Laptop, Tablets, and  access other applications as well.

Microsoft Launcher personalise

Source: Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher- Wallpapers

Microsoft launcher also allows you to create a customizable feed where you can access your recent photos, videos, office documents, mails, social media posts and many more other things in one swipe.

Microsoft Launcher- Timeline

Source: Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Source: Microsoft Launcher

Furthermore it is very user friendly which make this app even better. This is free in both play store and as well as in app store. No ads plus no extra charges for pro versions like other launchers which are available. Certainly if you like launcher in your device, then this is a perfect application which you must try. You can install Microsoft Launcher here.

2. Video calling – Google duo

Google duo

Source: Google

Now- a -days video calling is an important feature from official  working point of view as well as for personal use. There are many video calling apps available but google duo is recommended  because it is more effective and satisfying video call app then others which are available. This is perfect app for face time and if you don’t believe in me then check out the ratings below. Similarly there are few more application worth trying like Skype,etc. You can install Duo here. For PC version visit here.

Google duo ratings

Source: Google

Google Duo gives you video call in 720p HD and perfectly works on low mobile network signal. It is optimized in the best way and  gives very satisfying results. In case you are looking for any video calling application then Google Duo is right answer.

3. News – Google News

Google news

Source: Google

In this fast paced world, we rarely have time to  sit down and watch T.V or go through news papers but while travelling news application in your device is much better and more useful. The best thing about this application is that you can subscribe the topics as per your interest.  Latest news are available within a fraction of second. There is no need of downloading any separate application for your favorite newsstand. You can read news in almost any language. Some sample screenshots are shared below which will give you better idea. You can visit Google news here. For android version visit here.

Google news sample 1 Google news sample 2 Google news sample 3Google news sample 4

4. Office –    WPS OFFICE + PDF

WPS Office + PDF

Source: Google Play Store

WPS is a free Office Suite application with all-in-one features. It supports  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, presentations, spreadsheets, memo, Google docs, and many other formats. In addition, the application also includes some other features like PDF converter, reader, editor, along with file sharing abilities. It  supports multi-window mode, data encryption etc. It is very easy to use and you can also connect to the Drive to get immediate backup of the documents. All these amazing features makes this application better than other applications. You can install here (android).

5. File manager – ES File manager

ES File Explorer File manager

Source: Play Store

ES File Explorer is one of the most popular Android file manager apps with all the necessary features. It has Sharing media feature in which other ES File Explorer users you can share files over WiFi thus makes sharing files easy. ES File Manager also comes with an Application Manager in which you can uninstall or take backup of applications. You can even uninstall system apps with root privileges. It’s “Root Explorer” feature unlocks a lot of functionalities for rooted devices. However, the only problem is that it shows ads which you can get rid of by buying premium version. You can install ES file manager here.

6. Browser – Google Chrome


Source: Google

Chrome is a simple and one the most safest browser. It neither compromises with speed nor with the safety of site and your privacy. It is fast, safe, easy to access and reliable browser. You can customize chrome as per your type of usage. With collaboration of  add on features, Chrome transforms into even more better and friendly browser. All you need is Google account to get unlimited access for life time. Chrome is best application which you can add in your list. It doesn’t matter you use it in your device or system it is the best.You can download Chrome here. For android version visit here.

7. Video Player – MX Play

MX Player


After the latest update the MX Player is even more better than it used to be earlier. MX player has introduced online mode. Now you can watch Movies, Web series, Trailers and many other videos for free. All you need is to connect your account with Facebook. Subtitles are easy to download. It supports mostly all formats which make this application perfect. You can install MX player here.


8. Cleaner – Clean Master

Clean Master LOGO

Clean Master is the best Android mobile cleaner. It’s booster can optimize your device performance and keep your device clean and secure. It has lots of features which includes security, booster, junk cleaner, and the latest added Notification Cleaner feature can block and clean up junk notifications easily to save your time from cleaning them manually. It is easy to use and has all the features required to make it better. In addition you can install this in your PC or smartphone. However you can also try ccleaner it is also comparatively good.


Source: Clean Master

9. Cloud Storage App – Google Drive

logo of google drive

Source: Google

Firstly, Google Drive is a cloud storage service that gives you free space to store all your documents. It consists of images, videos, files, folders etc which you can access whenever you want  through your PC or Smartphone. All you need is Google account from which you can access the Google Drive Application. You can also share, delete, print any of your documents.

Secondly, every user can have an access of 15GB of free space across Google Drive,Google photos, and Gmail which you can expand by paying some amount. However 15GB is more than sufficient for personal use. This application is very essential to keep your valuable data safe. You can install Google Drive from here.

10. Instant Messaging App- WhatsApp


Source: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free, instant messaging application where users can communicate. It is available for business and  personal messaging service  which makes it different from other instant messaging applications. This application is capable of sending text messages and voice messages, sharing links, images, videos, location, make voice calls and video calls  to any other user worldwide just with constant Internet connection. After that it one of the most secure messaging application. However with consistent updates the application has improved and therefore has impressed many users. You can install WhatsApp here.

Above all, these were some applications which you should have in your device. Every application is available in android and app store. Some of these application are also available in PC. Moreover, you can consume them as they are amazing applications and must have in your phone. Let us know if this piece was helpful or beneficial to you guys.

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