The Best Activities That Feel Like You’re in a Real-Life Video Game

Video games, especially action games, can really capture a player’s attention and draw them into the intense action that is going on. While some games promote a whole-body level of interaction, even those requiring a simple handheld controller can lead to physical activity.

Turn your favorite video games into real-life action through these activities:

1.Outdoor Blasting

Whether you just love blasting or want to improve your shooting and sniping skills, there is a nerf gun for everyone. When you’re about to wage war on the Nerf battlefield, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared with the best nerf guns – and lots of ammunition.

Here are some of the thing to consider before buying a nerf gun:
● Gun Size – To have a smaller blaster means you can conceal it better and move much faster, while a larger gun means more ammunition and faster release.
● Types of Ammo – Darts that have a higher mass tend to be more accurate while darts that have a lower mass will go farther but have less accuracy. Stick darts are very durable and super accurate.
● Blaster Accuracy – You must consider speed, rifling, weather conditions, aerodynamics, and shape. You need your darts to spin in the air as a live bullet does.
● Tactical Rails – They may be used to attach accessories to your blaster. You can add on scopes, flip-ups, ammo rails, grips and any other accessories that fit your blaster.

2.Driving Rig

If you are on a budget but you still want the experience of a driving simulator, the Logitech G27 racing wheel is a great solution. It comes with three pedals and a stick shift that will make things feel very life-like.

Behind the leather-wrapped steering wheel are shift paddles, in case you haven’t learned how to drive the 6-speed manual (also included) in the digital world.
Just because you don’t spend a lot on a simulator doesn’t mean you can’t have a complete experience. Just bring your own seat and seatbelt.

3.Virtual Reality

The most important piece of a virtual reality kit is the headset – a thick pair of goggles that goes over your eyes to provide the visual perspective of the VR. The more expensive, higher quality headsets need to be connected to a computer to run apps, games, and whatever else you’d like to do.

All headsets need to be used alongside a good quality pair of headphones, and there are other optional accessories from hand controllers to treadmills that are all designed to enhance your simulated experience of being in another world.

Hand controllers translate your real-world gestures into whatever game or application you’re using, although standard gaming joypads can also be used.

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